Black and White Photo assignments

So, now that the semester is over I can show some of the pictures I took, this one was taken with my Iphone with the black and white assignment following:

Color flowersBlack and White FlowersThe next pictures were for a motion assignment. You have to hold open the shutter for longer periods of time to get the motion part.

Waterfall_3Waterfall_1Waterfall_2A funny thing about this pic is, the runners didn’t mind me taking their pics, one wanted me to “fix his hair.” LOL I said, “will do.”

RunnersLastly, my classmates got so used to me trying to perfect the exposure on this guy, that they started to refer to him as “my lion.”


My LionI took all of these pictures on a 1970’s Pentax K1000. I was relieved to know, Rosewood Arts Center, here in Kettering, has an open dark room! I still have a roll of film I haven’t taken and would love to continue taking pictures. 🙂

Sinclair Community College’s Vis Com Program



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