Who keeps someone else’s dog?!

I’m irritated.

There’s a Facebook page for lost pets in the Dayton and surrounding areas. It’s called, “Dayton Ohio and surrounding area lost and found pets.”

A lot of times, a pet will be found within 1 or 2 days, but beyond that time, recovery seems a lot less likely.

Case in point, this poor lady’s house burned down in Dayton. It’s a total loss, but her dog survived because he ran out as the firefighters were coming in. He’s disappeared. Not only has she lost her house, but she’s probably not getting her dog back either. He’s a pure bred Poodle, so obviously some dirt bag is going to either keep him or sell him, and if he’s not neutered, they’ll probably breed him. This is him:

Poodle poster

I did a poster for her daughter so that she could print it out and put them around the neighborhood. He’s been missing since Tuesday. That works in a lot of cases, but apparently he fell off the earth.

Another case, Thor, a pure bred Husky disappeared March 31st in Middletown. Again, no one knows ANYTHING. Dirt bags.


His people wanted him there for their wedding. Us animal people understand that (everyone else with just have to try to empathize.) Anyway, it doesn’t look like he’s going to be there.

Last but not least on my rant…..my foster went back to her family. That’s normally good right? NO. Her person, went to jail, and I can only hope the person she has left isn’t vindictive and takes out her drug addled issues on the dog.

So not happy……what is wrong with people?

Toby’s getting adopted!


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An aspiring design student with a penchant for animal fostering, diy furniture refurbing, and an almost constant level of chaos. It's okay, the chaos is like a low hum you just sort of get used to.....

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