NorthRidge Animal Clinic Part 2

So, I know people can be really squeamish about snakes. Some will even take a garden hoe to one if they see them. Let me just say, if it’s poisonous, I don’t have a problem  with that. But if it’s any of several non-poisonous,  indigenous snakes, please consider letting them live.

They don’t pose a threat to your family or pets. They keep rodent populations down in your gardens and homes. And they really don’t want to come into your house. I know everyone thinks that’s somehow a snake’s dream to come into your house and curl up somewhere freaky for you to find them.  It’s really not their preferred habitat.

So here’s a handy dandy guide to local, non poisonous snakes. (Most likely to be seen in this area).

Eastern Garter snakeEastern Garter Snake

Eastern Rat SnakeEastern Rat Snake

Eastern Milk Snake

And last but not least,Eastern King Snake

Eastern King Snake


There are more local snakes than just these, but I chose them because they resemble poisonous snakes. They are not.

AGAIN, if you see one, assume you live in a very healthy area and be thankful for a lack of rodents. Please?

PS “No” my rescue did not live. He lived over night and it gave the vet tech hope, but the injuries were too severe and he didn’t live a second night. FYI

I love NorthRidge Animal Hospital




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