I love NorthRidge Animal Hospital

Although, this isn’t about one of my dogs or a foster dog, I HAD to mention this.

I found this snake in my backyard yesterday. The vet tech thought it was probably run over by a lawn mower. It was barely moving so I put it on my warm deck and after 15 minutes, it tried to crawl away. I probably would have let it go, except that it had obvious injuries.

I got a hold of Jim at NorthRidge Animal Hospital. They do wild life rescue. It’s based on donations so you give what you can.

When I went in, I saw a great little Hummingbird named, “Nemo.” They kept him over the winter because he wasn’t quite up to it. He did look like he was in rough shape, (feathers on his wings missing) but he was eating and hovering a bit like a champ.

I also found out the snake was male by how long his tail is from the back joint. It was really interesting to know that.

Did the snake live? I don’t know. Jim took it home with him and today was his day off. I’m hoping but his injuries were pretty bad. I thought it was the least I could do for a critter that keeps rodents out of my garden and home.


Toby’s getting adopted!

NorthRidge Animal Clinic Part 2


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