Sinclair Community College’s Vis Com Program


Don’t get me wrong, it really is a great, well rounded program. I highly recommend it. I’m just really overwhelmed with the things I need to finish before the end of this month.

One of the required classes is Black and White Photography. It’s a great class, I’ll be sad when it’s over because I won’t get to develop film and do prints, however, I’m not sure what possessed me to take the condensed class. I have a bazillion assignments, and no idea when they will be completed, or IF they will be completed.

Again, Visual Communications is a great program but I don’t think I’ll have any free time in the month of April.

I’ll have to post some prints later…..probably May.

Proto Buildbar!!!

Black and White Photo assignments


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An aspiring design student with a penchant for animal fostering, diy furniture refurbing, and an almost constant level of chaos. It's okay, the chaos is like a low hum you just sort of get used to.....

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