The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Not necessarily in that order….

So, my feisty little terrier, Magee, who looks like an adorable little angel, got in an altercation with my big dog Mitchell. Mitchell is food aggressive. I normally feed them in the same room, but across the room from each other. Mitchell finishes his food first, barks at Magee, who in turn, turns around and snarls at him, and goes back to eating. For whatever reason it didn’t go down like that this time. I was upstairs so I heard it but didn’t see it.

When the dust settled I found that Magee had broken 3 front teeth!

She had to have a pricey surgery and is fine now, but here’s what I’ve learned: You can actually brush a dog’s teeth with just a plain toothbrush. The Vet mentioned this because he said that would be my way of protecting my “investment.” When you put it in human terms, if we have bad teeth, we tend to have heart problems due to the bacteria and infections we develop in our gums. Dogs are not that different.

They may not be that receptive to the toothbrush, so you can use some peanut butter or Cheese Whiz. I know it sounds counter productive, but the Vet told me it’s actually just the motion that helps with the plaque. Brushing everyday is the best, 3 times a week is okay and once a week is better than nothing.

Mitchell’s breath is horrendous and Magee’s will be if I don’t brush them. My foster will probably be a tough sell with the toothbrush because she’s a huge baby, but I plan on doing it with all three. Just an FYI. Mitchell and Magee



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An aspiring design student with a penchant for animal fostering, diy furniture refurbing, and an almost constant level of chaos. It's okay, the chaos is like a low hum you just sort of get used to.....

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