Habitat for Humanity Restore

Honestly, I think the Habitat for Humanity Restores are an untapped gold mine. Case in point, look at this old, very solid chandelier I bought for $5.00 dollars at a Dayton, Ohio Restore. Old chandelierThis is what it looked like, and below is what I did to it.

New chandelier.jpgOne of my friends commented that it’s sort of Lemony Snicket-ish. I never saw the movie but I think she meant it’s a mix of Gothic and Tim Burton. LoL

As far as what I did with it, I wiped all the dust off with a wet cloth, probably not a great idea with metal, but it worked. Then I used a metal primer and painted it a hammered black. I changed my mind about the black , it seemed a little too harsh,and went back over it with a hammered bronze color. It’s still dark but not black.

The second thing is, I have issues with bare bulbs. Even frosted ones. So I was thinking of putting frosted hurricane shades over the “lamp stands.” I tried it and doesn’t quite work. I think it’s because the frosted shades were white and was too much of a contrast. Too distracting.

So the last thing is, where do I hang it? I have a friend who can do electrical work for me, but it’s still going to cost me because I need him to cut a hole in my ceiling at the top of my stairs. The stairs are small and narrow because my house is almost 100 years old, so good luck getting a normal ladder in there. So I need a special ladder, another expense.

And really, I would not expect my friend to work for free. Taking people for granted is the best way to alienate people. “Yes” they are your friends but not paying them is like saying, “your time and talents are not valuable.” It doesn’t have to be money. I’m a big believer in bartering.

Anyhoo, I’m going to have to paint the hallway before I do anything else. So it might be a while, but pictures will be forthcoming.


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An aspiring design student with a penchant for animal fostering, diy furniture refurbing, and an almost constant level of chaos. It's okay, the chaos is like a low hum you just sort of get used to.....

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