Toby….yet another great dog, looking for a great home.


So, this guy is awesome. Awesome is such an overused word these days, but if I see potential, then he’s awesome.

We have a local no kill shelter in the area. His current owner needs to find him a better family. One that can spend time with him and give him some attention, training and lots and lots of exercise. You see, Toby is a Lab/American Bulldog mix. Neither of those breeds are couch potatoes. AND being the smart guy that he is, he really needs to have something to do.

The problem with this shelter is, Mr. Toby gets super excited when he sees people he doesn’t know and barks loudly and somewhat aggressively. When he went to meet the adoption counselor, that’s exactly what he did. She was so freaked out, she didn’t want to come into the cubicle! However, as soon as she did, he calmed right down and wanted her to pet him. She took him to another area and evaluated him. She said, “he’s not vicious, and he did everything I asked him to do.” But she still thought he would be hard to place because of his first reactions to meeting people. They’re going to try again this Monday the 28th. I’ve volunteered to take him in myself. I only have one trick up my sleeve and I REALLY hope it works: the squeak ball. The moment he starts flipping out I’m deploying the squeaker. I really hope it works, but if not, you’ll hear about it, and will be welcome to contact me, if you’re interested in him.

Here are his vital stats: 11 months old, around 45 pounds, neutered and up to date on shots.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for sweet Toby!   Toby’s getting adopted!


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An aspiring design student with a penchant for animal fostering, diy furniture refurbing, and an almost constant level of chaos. It's okay, the chaos is like a low hum you just sort of get used to.....

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